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Russia-Ukraine Tensions Set Up the Biggest Christian Schism Since 1054

Vyacheslav Gorshkov, who teaches the catechism at a Kiev cathedral, was among the majority of Orthodox Christians in Ukraine who had reconciled themselves to the fact that their church answers to...


Zeppelin investigation: How Moldovan bank fraud scandal unfolded

"November 14, 2014. Moscow City Center, Russian Federation. A good looking man, with a bodyguard silhouette, sends a person, shorter, four huge bags. There was $17.5 million in the bag. It was...


Interview with Prime Minister Pavel Filip: „We will steer clear of partisan politics and will govern with one single goal in mind: results”

As Moldova recently celebrated its 25th anniversary of Independence, TIMPUL sat down with Prime Minister Pavel Filip to discuss how our country has fared over the past quarter-century. About...


In next 10 years we can do more than in past 25 years. IPN Series

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the declaration of Moldova’s Independence, IPN News Agency decided to depict the portrait of the current Republic of Moldova. For the purpose, we...


Dainius Žalimas: "Constitutional Court of Moldova is one of the most advanced, stable, and efficiently functioning state institutions of Moldova"

An interview with Dainius Žalimas, President of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Lithuania centres on one of the recent judgments of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Moldova,...


Romania leader urges Moldova to reform for $65 million loan

Romania’s president urged Moldova on Wednesday to reform its justice and banking systems so the government can get a $65 million loan that Moldova needs to prevent an economic collapse.


Moldovan instability affecting ties with Turkey

Turkey’s relations with Moldova are hampered by instability within the former Soviet republic, the Turkish ambassador said Thursday.


Terrorism, Russia Conflict Are Top Market Threats in Global Poll

Terrorism and the Russia-Ukraine conflict are the biggest geopolitical threats to world markets, according to a Bloomberg Global Poll of investors, analysts and traders.


(OPINION) Power politics on the outskirts of the EU: why Transnistria matters

In September this year, Transnistria, the separatist region located in the Eastern part of Moldova, is set to celebrate the 24th anniversary of its de-facto independence. 


Why Moldova matters? – Possibly even more than Georgia or Ukraine

Paul Goble is editor at “Window on Eurasia” publication.

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