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How objectivity in journalism became a matter of opinion

In America, political and commercial strains have led to questions about its value and meaning


What Vladimir Putin Tells Us about His Relations with the West

Putin claims the EU resolution is part of “a deliberate policy aimed at destroying the postwar world order.” The truth is less dramatic and more illuminating.


New Report Exposes Brutal Methods of Russia’s Wagner Group

 How a shady network of operatives serves as the tip of the spear in Russia’s global influence efforts with almost no accountability.


Евросоюз на год продлит «крымские» санкции против России

Послы стран Европейского союза на год продлят пакет санкций против России, введенных после незаконной...


EU’s top diplomat says no to Russia rejoining G7

 The European Union doesn't think Russia should rejoin the G7.



Alexandru Tănase: Ce sărbătoreşte Republica Moldova la 9 mai?

Vă prezentăm mai jos un articol de pe blogul din anul 2015.


Russian city removes “untruthful” plaque commemorating thousands of Poles murdered by Soviets

 On the building that once housed the local headquarters of the Soviet secret police in the Russian city of Tver, where 80 years ago thousands of Polish prisoners of war were murdered, plaques...


Поставки Советскому Союзу американской техники стали важным вкладом в победу во Второй мировой войне

Еще до вступления Соединенных Штатов в декабре 1941 года во Вторую мировую войну Америка отправляла...


Who’s Afraid of Boris Nemtsov?

 New developments in Prague, involving a suitcase of ricin and a diplomatic spat, suggest that Putin still is afraid—over five years after Nemtsov’s grisly demise.


Китай рискует утратить доверие

 Системы здравоохранения, способность развернуть масштабный коечный фонд, оснащенный современным...


As Virus Spreads, China and Russia See Openings for Disinformation

The two powers amplify discredited conspiracy theories and sow division as they look to undermine the United States. China and Russia have both seized on the novel coronavirus to wage...


Vladimir Putin has a popularity problem — and the Kremlin knows it

 Opinion polls and authoritarian systems don’t go together. However professional or independent the pollster, any results are necessarily skewed as people weigh their responses —...


How Will the Coronavirus Reshape Democracy and Governance Globally?

 The coronavirus pandemic will likely have a transformative impact on multiple dimensions of democratic politics and on governance more broadly. Global leaders should prepare to respond quickly.



Moscova / Un medic care s-a plâns de lipsa măștilor și termometrelor a fost chemat la PROCURATURĂ

Chirurgul Vsevolod Șukhrai a fost chemat la procuratură „pentru a da explicații” după ce a vorbit într-un interviu despre lipsa echipamentului personal de protecție din...


Нефть отдают уже бесплатно и готовы платить, чтобы только взяли

Причина падения цены на нефть – это экономический спад, который начался и очень хорошо наметился еще...


Лев Лещенко считал коронавирус выдумкой США и заразился

В России есть огромное количество тех, кто считает коронавирус – выдумкой. Пример Льва Лещенко, не...

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