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Pakistan paramedic 'stole baby to give to childless aunt'

The little girl has not been given a name yet A paramedic in Pakistan has been arrested after allegedly stealing a baby to give to her childless aunt. The little girl was taken shortly after...


The Russian Private Sector Eats Its Own

 The arrest of an American businessman in Russia echoes the Khodorkovsky and Browder episodes from the early 2000s.


Russian disinformation on Facebook targeted Ukraine well before the 2016 U.S. election

 KIEV, Ukraine — In the spring of 2015, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko was desperate for Mark Zuckerberg’s help. His government had been urging Facebook to stop the...


The National Resistance Movement of Criminals. Learn the criminal past of “the resistance cells"

The Dignity and Truth Party (PPDA), led by the self-styled justiciary Andrei Năstase, is brilliantly reasserting its reputation of an organization gathering amounts of individuals with criminal...


Someone stole $1B from Moldova — an eighth of its GDP

When thousands filled the streets of Moldova's capital Sunday in the little country's largest protest in years, their complaint was pretty significant.


Who's next on the EU's Russia blacklist?

The EU’s next round of Russia sanctions is to be limited to blacklisting more names, with diplomats and kremlinologists helping EUobserver to identify 28 potential targets. Foreign ministers...


How Moscow hijacked the history of Kyivan Rus’

(This essay was first published in a collection by Yaroslav Dashkevych, PhD. in “Learn to Speak the Truth with Non-Lying Lips” – K:Tempora, 2011, 828pp.


Как правильно искать информацию в интернете

Значительный процент информации о резонансных событиях, в нашем случае — о противостоянии в Украине —...



La „Moldova-film” ca-n filme!

Dacă hainele și muzica în stilul anilor ’60, vinilurile sau patefoanele sunt în vogă, atunci Studioul „Moldova-film” merge în pas cu moda, fiind...

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