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Moldova has Become a Geopolitical Battleground between Russia and the West

 Transnistria cannot remain a kind of a “sovereign entity” over which the great powers politely agree to disagree.


For the first time in history Ukraine receives oil from the US

The first batch of oil from the USA arrived at the port of the Ukrainian city of Odesa. According to the press service of the port, 75 thousand tons of Bakken grade oil was purchased by PJSC...


Europe Built a System to Fight Russian Meddling. It’s Struggling.

 BRUSSELS — The European Union launched an ambitious effort earlier this year to combat election interference: an early-warning system that would sound alarms about Russian propaganda....



Trei lucruri pe care TREBUIE să le știi despre Sputnik și Russia Today

Russia Today și Sputnik sunt două site-uri folosite des de către Rusia în campania de influențare a opiniei publice internaționale.


Europe is for sale and Putin is buying

Two days ago, the Council of Europe voted to ignore its own warnings about Russian aggression and human rights violations. Putin invaded Georgia and Ukraine, illegally annexed Crimea, and has spent...


Moldova’s new government vows closer ties with the EU

Maia Sandu, the new prime minister of Moldova, vowed that stronger ties with the European Union and cracking down on the abuse of power by the country’s oligarchs are the top priorities of...


New York Times: As Putin pushes a merger, Belarus resists with language, culture and history

 With his vulnerable country under mounting pressure to integrate with Russia, its much bigger and stronger neighbor, a Belarusian poet and television presenter has identified what he thinks...


The Wall Street Journal: Tiny Moldova Fears Russia is Playing a Long Game

For years, Europe’s poorest country has been torn between Russia and the West—and Moscow still has the upper hand


Moldova’s new PM sets pro-Western course

 Maia Sandu also warns of Moscow’s attempts to maintain influence in the small nation.


Ukraine walks out of Europe human rights body as Russia returns

 The Ukrainian delegation at the parliamentary assembly of the Council of Europe has walked out in protest after Russian MPs were allowed to return to the human rights body five years after...


Transnistria’s leader calls for Russian peacekeepers’ continued presence in the region

Russian peacekeepers were deployed to the conflict zone on July 29, 1992


Georgia, Ukraine and the Baltic States opposes decision in Council of Europe as Russia may regain voting right

 Georgia, Ukraine and the Baltic States opposed the decision of the Committee of Ministers at Deputy Level in the Council of Europe (CoE) held during the CoE Helsinki ministerial this week,...


Protests erupt in Georgia over Russian MP’s visit

 A Russian lawmaker taking the podium in Georgia’s parliament on June 20 caused thousands of angry Georgians to take the streets, accusing the ruling party of collaborating with...


The Secret Sources of Populism

It is a direct response to the West’s loss of prestige and authority. And it won’t be the last political trend sparked from the outside.


Pentagon To Give Additional 250 Million In Military Aid To Ukraine

The U.S. Department of Defense says it plans to provide $250 million to enhance Ukraine’s military capabilities as the nation continues to battle Russia-backed separatists in its eastern...


EU keeps Albania, North Macedonia waiting on membership talks

A year after holding out prospect of decision this month, bloc tells Balkan countries to come back in October.


Атомный коллапс под брендом made in Russia

СССР был из числа тех ядерных держав, что не только обладали разрушительной силы оружием массового...


Russians Are Getting Sick of Church

Orthodox Christianity—and Vladimir Putin—are at the center of the country’s newest culture war.


Dodon the key element of the hybrid warfare conducted by Kremlin

Once Igor Dodon was elected in the position of the president of the Republic of Moldova, Kremlin started testing the grounds and implementing on the large scale the whole arsenal of the methods and...


Moldova’s Governments Go Head to Head

 Over the weekend, the former Soviet republic of Moldova was plunged into political crisis. By Monday, the country had emerged with two rival governments that held two separate cabinet...


Gridlock in Moldova's government helps Russia and Putin

 Two months after parliamentary elections in Moldova, the country is no closer to swearing in a new government. As negotiations between the leading parties have floundered, it has left the...



Redactorul-șef ”Sputnik Lituania” a fost reținut la Viulnius. Poliția i-a pus interdicție de intrare pe 5 ani

Redactrul șef al agenției Sputnik din Lituania, Marat Kasem, a fost reținut pe aeroportul din Vilnius, unde a sosit într-o călătorie în interes de serviciu, transmite RIA Novosti.


Скандал с катастрофой российского самолета продолжился

И в продолжении авиационной темы, а именно – о затянувшемся скандале с катастрофой российского...

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