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Politics 26 January 2015, at 12:59

PLDM will hold ten seats, while PDM eight seats in future Cabinet

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The PLDM will hold ten seats in the Cabinet that will be installed after the formation of the Political Alliance for a European Moldova, while the PDM – eight. The agreement on the formation of the alliance, where the posts are divided, was made public by the two parties, IPN reports.

The PLDM will hold the post of Prime Minister and of one Deputy Prime Minister who is simultaneously the minister of foreign affairs and European integration. It will also manage the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of Defense (which was earlier controlled by the PL and then by the PLR), the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry, the Ministry of the Environment (which was earlier managed by the PL/PLR), the Ministry of Education, and the Ministry of Health.

The PDM will hold the post of Deputy Prime Minister, who is simultaneously the minister of economy, and of Deputy Prime Minister for Reintegration (which was earlier held by the PLDM). It will manage the Ministry of Regional Development and Construction, the Ministry of Transport and Road Infrastructure, the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Labor, Social Protection and Family, the ICT Ministry, and the Ministry of Youth and Sport (which was earlier managed by the PL and then by the PLR).

In the legislature’s administration, both of the parties will hold by three seats. The PLDM will hold the post of Deputy Speaker, of chairman of the commission on economy, budget and finance and of chairman of the commission on culture, education, youth, sport and mass media.

The PDM will hold the post of Head of Parliament, of chairman of the legal commission on appointments and immunities and of chairman of the commission on foreign policy.

In the central administrative authorities, the PLDM will hold the managerial posts at the National Bureau of Statistics, the Agency for Land Relations and Cadaster, “Moldsilva” Agency and the Tourism Agency. The PDM will hold the executive posts at the Bureau for Interethnic Relations, the Agency for Material Reserves and the National Food Safety Agency.

The published agreement says that the alliance’s national priority is to continue the European integration course of Moldova. The efforts of the alliance will be aimed at continuing the implementation of the initiated reforms so as to swiftly and significantly increase the living standards by ensuring economic growth, attracting foreign investments and creating well-paid jobs and by appropriately implementing the association agenda between Moldova and the EU.

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