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News 4 July 2018, at 09:32

Smallest number of Moldovans leave country under Filip government’s tenure, compared to previous governments, including the one Maia Sandu was Education Minister in

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The number of Moldovans choosing to emigrate from Moldova has been dropping for several years, and reached a historical low in 2017 – 1,702 citizens notified the authorities on their intention to leave. 

According to data from the Public Services Agency (ASP), 2017 was the first year after 1995, when fewer than 2,000 citizens left Moldova for good.

In the first six months of 2018, 843 applications came in from the ones deciding to move in to other states.

The largest number of departures was recorded in 2000 – 9,128 citizens informed the authorities about emigrating and filled in all the procedures required under law.

The figures kept falling in the following years, but started to rise again in 2005. In 2007, the number of the ones resolved to leave almost reached the record of the year 2000 – 9,005 people.

From 2009 through 2015, over two thousand Moldovans were yearly leaving the country, as 2,634 applications were registered in 2016. Later, the number of departures dropped.

Since 1995, almost 130,000 Moldovans chose to leave Moldova for good.

Year/Submitted applications

1995 - 4469

1996 - 3393

1997 – 6251

1998- 5909

1999- 7700

2000- 9128

2001- 7648

2002- 7077

2002 – 7077

2003- 8203

2004- 7621

2005- 7252

2006- 7968

2007- 9005

2008- 8583

2009- 6626

2010- 4577

2011- 3614

2012- 2736

2013- 2325

2014- 2196

2015- 2206

2016- 2634

2017- 1702

2018 (till June 30)- 843

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