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European Integration 14 April 2014, at 23:10

"We want peace, we don`t want to taste again the cup of war"

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The installed cross, where two years ago, a Russian peacekeeper shot the young man Vadim Pisari foretells that we enter on the territory where the checkpoints increase and that we get close to the "customs" of Transdniester.

This is in the case you want to go in Moldovan villages Cocieri and Molovata Noua, which, although are under Chisinau's jurisdiction, they are isolated between Transdniester and the river Dniester, and also are subject to regular pressure from separatists.

Nobody`s People

Despite the fact that there are picturesque villages with potential for the rural tourism of the country, villagers of Molovata Noua and Cocieri feel abandoned, without jobs, always being caught between Moldova and Transdniester. "We are a forgotten village and no one needs us. We have no income, no job. Before, there were three brigades of tobacco, vegetable, but now - nothing. Although this area is very good, with the Dniester nearby, we can not invest, because we don’t have enough money even for utilities”, says Aurica, postwoman from Molovata Noua.

"We don’t have where to go"

However, the villagers are sure that as soon as the election approaches, politicians will remember about them, the people from the Moldovan "islands" on the left side of Dniester. "Nobody from Chisinau hasn’t done justice to us. For 22 years the politicians promised to us that they will solve our status, but nobody does anything. Transdniester “walked” here today, we remain silent and, from year to year, the boundary is moving", says a countrywoman from the same village. She also tells us that last winter, when Dniester froze, the shops from the village left without bread and food. "And the economical operators who provided us products, were required to pay fees at the transdnistrian checkpoints. That's life? Is like we're on an island and we don’t have where to go", she adds.

Also, the postwoman shows that the village has shops and beautiful town hall, nursery, a renovated home culture, library, but people have not income and are leaving. "Even if you want to sell something, you have to go to Dubasari, but they (a.n. – transnistrians) ask additional fees or fine you", says Aurica.

"The Russians are afraid to not unite with Romania"

On one of the streets of Molovata Noua we met Anatol, a 56 years old man, who years ago was a painter at the House of Culture in Dubasari. Besides the fact that he cares for the land, Anatol sculpts in wood, often spoons, which he later sells them. However, lately, his business is not so successful. "Because of the conflict from Ukraine, there are not tourists. Who would give 1000 lei (100 euros) for a wood-spoon?", asks us the man, showing a large spoon, decorated with traditional motifs, at which he worked for the last two years.

"Before there were tourists, but now they aren`t. Because of these conflicts, nobody comes, and the checkpoints are still there. The Russians are afraid to not unite with Romania. It would be good if we will unite with Romanians, because we would be in Europe. And my wooden spoons will sell well", says Anatol.

The man, left alone, without family, says that the last winter he lived on the money earned from the sale of pigs and now ran out of money. Therefore, his only hope is to sell these wooden spoons. "A small spoon is 50 lei (3 euros) and the largest - 200 lei (10 euros). There are not made as in Russia, which are heavy and ugly, but they are easy, made from wood of fruit tree", is trying to convince us Anatol.

"People will burst"

At the Molovata ferry, the floating bridge on river Dniester is running every hour and a group of people are waiting for boarding. Residents are satisfied that, at least, they are traveling by ferry for free, while the state pensions increased only by 6%. "That's mockery, not increase. Let them to live with these money", says a group of men. They also say that because of low salaries and pensions, people from neighboring villages will rebel. "I understand why Dorotcaia wants with Transdniester. There the gas, electricity, oil and sugar are cheaper. It's normal for people to want to live where it's cheaper. Here, however, the youth has no jobs and drink in bars. Women leave their children and go to Israel, men in Russia", said a man from the Molovata over Nistru.

However, most of the people are outraged by the fact that although Moldovan politicians have promised wages and pensions in euros, they remained equally low as years before. "People will burst. It will repeat the scenario from Ukraine. And by the autumn, all the villages from the left bank will take control of Transdniester", says convinced a villager.

"We're on an island"

In Cocieri village, just a few kilometers from Molovata Noua, the streets are deserted. Here and there you may catch a mother with a child, a young or some old people. At the emergency from the village, the only case of "emergency" is a drunk man. The assistant, Nina Virlan, tells us that more than half of the village is abroad and those who remained in the village do not have a job. "People are getting bad, they have money from relatives who are working abroad and drink in bars", she says. "We are nobody`s people with low salaries and pensions, surrounded from all sides. We're on an island", completes the nurse from the same cabinet.

Moreover, women say that while some of the villagers take pension of 500-600 lei (25-30 euros) from the Moldovan state, the other side had much higher pension from the Transdniester administration, thing confirmed by a woman who, while she is working at home culture of the village, has a pension from the Transdniester administration. "Before the war from `92, I worked in Dubasari and now I receive a pension of 1700 rubles or 2000 lei (100 euros). If Moldova would give that money, people wouldn`t want with Transdniester. I am a Moldovan and I want with my country, for example", says Maria, a local woman from Cocieri.

"Europe hasn’t teach anybody something bad"

On the other hand, Liuba, Maria`s colleague, says that she has a pension of 688 lei (35 euros) which is three times less than Maria`s pension, which is paid by the Moldovan state. "Is not much, but I know that in Europe it's good, because people have pensions and good wages. We need at least 3000 lei per month to pay for gas, light, water, but we receive pension of 650 lei (33 euros). In this case, how to keep the youth here? Europe haven’t teach us something bad and the law is made for the people", says Liuba. In fact, she remembers what a beautiful village was before - with a lot of people, shops... Moreover, for the last 22 years, people from Cocieri feel one day with Moldovans, another – with Russians. "That's life? That`s why people rebelled in Dorotcaia. Give independence to Transdniester, just let us to live", said Maria.

However, although women can argue for hours because of politics, Transdniester and of the European Union, about one thing fall to the understanding, and namely, that they don’t want war anymore. "We want peace, not war, we don’t want to taste anymore the cup of war. I have grandchildren, children and I want peace for them. But it seems that things are seething now...", says thoughtful Liuba.

Sergiu G., a former teacher, and a small entrepreneur in Cocieri is certainly convinced, however, that Russia will come across Moldova. And although people fought for Moldova, they feel shortchanged by their own state. "Because I am a democrat and I can not sell me, people from here call me Romanian. But I don`t care. The more I'm afraid that the Russians would not just stop at the Crimea...", said the man in conclusion.

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