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Opinion / Editorial 13 June 2014, at: 14:33 by Victoria Puiu

(OPINION) Open Letter to the European Union Foto: Ramin Mazur

Until a few decades ago, I did not know what means the European Union.

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Opinion / Editorial 9 June 2014, at: 17:17

The May 23 to 24 Moscow Conference on International Security, sponsored by Russia's Defense Ministry, focused not on conflict zones or technology advances, but on the role of popular protest — specifically "color revolutions," in international security.

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Opinion / Editorial 28 May 2014, at: 18:05

Federalism need not be a dirty word in Ukraine. There are many power-sharing examples available to follow, that would keep the country together.

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Opinion / Editorial 27 May 2014, at: 13:56

I arrived in Bucharest, Romania, the day after U.S. Vice President Joe Biden. U.S. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel will be here in a few weeks. The talk in Bucharest, not only among the leadership but also among the public, is about Ukraine. Concerns are palpable, and they are not only about the...

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Opinion / Editorial 22 May 2014, at: 09:54

With tensions still on the rise over Ukraine, Moldova threatens to become the next playground for the power clash between Russia and the West. Having spent the better part of last week interviewing politicians, diplomats, think tankers, and journalists in Chişinău and Tiraspol (the capital of...

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Opinion / Editorial 21 May 2014, at: 11:54

The Moldovan authorities are following Russia’s ongoing military actions in Ukraine with concern.

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Opinion / Editorial 18 May 2014, at: 14:12

Tbilisi and Chisinau, the Georgian and Moldovan capitals, have been the stage of intense diplomatic activity over the last few weeks.

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Opinion / Editorial 15 May 2014, at: 14:37

We’re Not Impressed With Your Space Tantrum, Mr. Putin

An open letter to the Russian leader as his deputy prime minister threatens to ground American astronauts and military satellites...

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